This is my first ever Madden

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This is my first ever Madden and If I will be fair, I liked Madden nfl 20 coins. It was quite fun although it had some issues. I used to play NBA 2k along with a few other games. In 2k, every year that the game comes out and it is pretty much exactly the same as the preceding game. I was wondering, is it the exact same for Madden? I buy it anyways so I can play with MUT squads but I'm just curious. Madden nfl will be mainly the same, but with a few changes. What EA usually does is they nerf whatever was really good the previous year super hard, usually making it unbalanced in the opposite direction of before.

Additionally they are usually able to somewhat discover the balance of something that they nerfed too hard(such as linebackers not bypassing this year when they could pick balls off 15 yards off the road in preceding years), therefore I'd be prepared to bet that linebackers would be greater next year without being overly mad. I feel like a consistency stat would help a lot, possibly a reaction speed stat. That would be helpful. They might create Awareness and Play Rec mean something. Or they may actually give linebackers of some particular Archetype extra animations, so that way guys like Anthony Barr may get up to get the ball, but a pass rushing OLB usually won't.

Back in 13 play rec was really noticeable to know how to buy mut 20 coins. They'd know what was happening. Somehow it regressed. I only really began playing 16, but from watching videos of older Maddens and what I've heard from other folks, it is sad how much it is regressed. It is not like I'm asking my linebackers to jump 10 yards to the atmosphere or my DB's to never get burnt, but I'd really appreciate it if they'd put their hands up to grab a pick or pay a route rather than running to a QB.Here. Allow me to blow your mind: Madden 20 is the one whose promotion was based on Face of the company as well as the All Star Game. Yes, even I had to go back and make sure that wasn't Madden 19 or 18.