I really do enjoy WOW Classic

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I've been eyeballing shamans because wow gold get melee, caster and healing. Think that may suit my requirements, but from what I hear they're garbage (?) Which means that disturbs me if I'd never go over M +15 myself, if you would like to reach later mythic +. As shaman I can somewhat gear a healer/caster in precisely the same time and switch to melee without breaking a new class if I feel the urge to do so. (less equipment stress). They have as you see, my mind says I cant play with a class thats bottom of the barrel if I might never feel that the problem. Etc etc..

I really do enjoy WOW Classic, I truly do but I'm worried because I cant make my mind up, I quit for a while and burn myself out, occurs every expansion since WOTLK. Have you got a mindset, medication or something that I could do? Are shamans the messias that disturbs all of my issues once I get it going for articles or will I cry?

Personally, I love my shaman and after I got her geared a little I started feeling powerful in all areas of WOW Classic. There is this misnomer that classes that can't push keys aren't good at articles, although I will never push anything or top keys. In my experience a few of the'bad' courses like priest for example are very good in more easy content. It is their lack of some kind of utility or capacity to do well'bad'. I think community perception is challenging to overcome than the spec's actual performance typically.

Nevertheless, you could think about druid. 4 specs, at least 3 of which are decent to exceptional. You are also going to be expected/able to do a little of everything so you might need to get in there while curing for example and dps in cat form. Gives you a lot of variety in playstyle using two melee specs, a recovery spec, and a caster spec.

If you would like to play there's nothing wrong to buy wow gold classic with playing multiple characters. If you want to play, then pick one, doesn't matter which one, if you must select at random, and stay with it. At high levels of difficulty, a few courses just are not good enough for some things, but that is around the Mythic+20+ range past where rewards max out in WOW Classic. A lot of gear is time-gated, a matter of doing difficulty chores that are easy-to-medium regularly. Skill has a whole lot to do with familiarity.I started playing again a month ago. Best decisions I made. Everybody is super nice, you have your casual WOW players and hardcore, there's something for everyone. Its an older set of people about being unable to create raids and what not, too so much more understanding. Id locate a guild on the forums and then roll to their server once you converse and find the vibe...im. Enjoying alliance so much that I don't think unless a lot of friends from a diff game asked I'd ever go back to horde.